Directed by Christian Pennisi and Douglas McDaniel
Documentary Short / 20 mins / Tennessee

Narrated by Hallerin Hilton Hill, this 20-minute documentary film recounts the 2007 carjacking, torture and murder of a young Knoxville, Tennessee couple, shocking an entire city and nation. The two families, friends, and many in the Knoxville area reeled in agony as seven capital murder trials were endured over 397 days in court, including retrials due to an opiate-addicted judge. “Faith on Trial” follows the real-life story of Gary Christian, the father of murder victim Channon Christian. An entire community witnessed Gary on TV during the trials, rocking back and forth as his hatred and desire for vengeance began to overtake him.  Angry and betrayed by a broken justice system, the film explores his reasons for not only turning his back on God for ten years, but also why he started the Shepherds RC motorcycle riding club as his own alternative justice system. 

Follow the story of Gary Christian’s long, harrowing journey back from the darkness, the uplifting, life-changing events of 2017, and the power of restoration. 

FILM BLOCK 8 - Saturday, Sept. 15 - 3:45 pm - THEATER 1

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